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Skin Issues

Customer Testimonial; July 8, 2004

I’d like to share my results with Enfuselle Skin Treatment products.  I’ve been a licensed Cosmetologist since 1972 and have a teaching certificate in the Cosmetology field.  For many years I worked in the retail field selling and demonstrating cosmetics and teaching skin care and makeup application. I’ve sold just about every major cosmetic line available.  At one point, I conducted seminars and skin care schools for Estee Lauder & Clinique.  Needless to say, I’ve used just about every cream, lotion and potion on the market!

When my distributor first showed me the products I was doubtful. Why in the world would I want more bottles in my bathroom? As she talked about the products I read the ingredients listed on the boxes. When you’ve read as many labels as I have, you know how to recognize a good product. I told her it was obvious Shaklee had used some very pure and beneficial ingredients and were leading the pack with their approach to including antioxidants for external use on the skin.  I bought the products for dry skin and headed home to see what all the fuss was about.

As a fair-skinned redhead, I’ve had my share of unpleasant reactions to new products so I wasn’t surprised to see red blotches on my face after the second day of using the products.  I’ve always felt a lot of people discontinue using products after a couple of days because they think they’re having an “allergic” reaction. Allergies to skin care products do exist, however, they are rather rare. Most of the time the reaction is merely your skin trying to adjust to something new it’s been exposed to.  I believe if you don’t get at least a slight reaction to a new skin care regime, you’ve probably just spent a lot of money on useless products. The more sensitive the skin, the more of a reaction you’ll get.                                                                                                                        

 In my case, my face actually looked raw in places. My skin is extremely sensitive so my reaction was probably not typical.  For the next week I used the products only once a day and wet the cotton ball with water before using the hydrating toner. This cuts the toner a little so it’s less “potent”.  After a week I started using the products twice a day as recommended and started to see some amazing results!  The red blotches disappeared and I noticed soft, luminous looking skin that felt and looked great! 

When Retin-A was first introduced I couldn’t get to my Doctor’s office fast enough. I had good results with Retin-A and Renova and felt they were both excellent products. I have used them both for ten years.  Please keep in mind both of these products will tend to make your skin more sensitive, especially to sunlight. The point I want to make here is that the results I got with Enfuselle were faster and more apparent than the results I saw with the Retin-A products!  That’s just plain amazing!   Note: I discontinued the Retin-A products when I started using Enfuselle. I don’t recommend using both products at the same time.

 With the Enfuselle products I noticed dramatic and immediate improvement in the texture of my skin. I could actually see the little wrinkles and fine lines start to disappear. I’m a baby boomer so the years are starting to show on my face.  After about 3 weeks I started to get comments from people about my “pretty skin” and people started asking me what I use on my skin. It’s a great feeling when someone asks you how you manage to look so young!

I’m convinced Shaklee has produced an amazing line of products and that the line will continue to expand and improve as time goes by. It’s obvious they’ve done their homework and come up with a winner.  I plan to continue to use Enfuselle and look forward to even more obvious results as time goes by. 

-Carol Nelson, Grand Island, NE


Acne Rosacea and Enfuselle

When I was 28, I was diagnosed with acne Rosacea.  Despite oral antibiotics and topical medications, my condition worsened.  After 3 years I consulted a nutritionist who recommended Shaklee.  The program consisted of Vitalizer, Soy Protein, Optiflora, GLA and Zinc.  I began to look and feel better.  Rosacea is no longer a problem.

The Shaklee products worked so well, I chose to incorporate them into my electrolysis practice.  I began using Enfuselle and the appearance of my skin got even better.  Enfuselle infuses nutrients into the skin at a cellular level.  Rosacea is a condition that reacts adversely to many skin care products.  I found by using the Enfuselle system along with the Calming Complex, I no longer noticed my rosacea.  The Acne Clarifying Complex works quickly when I have a flare-up.  I use Enfuselle SPF 30 when I’m in the sun.

As a Board Certified Electrologist, I’ve noticed how many women share my affliction of acne rosacea.  Shaklee products offer a great way to help them without the side effects of so many medications.

-Kim Silver, CPE


Enfuselle Calming Complex to Achieve Hydrated, Smooth, Soft Skin

For all skin types – For men, women, children

I was so pleased to get the following testimonials on one of my favorite Shaklee products; Calming Complex. Not only is it "calming and soothing" to the skin but it gives deep hydration. Both oily and dry skin folks will benefit from Calming Complex; it has a "balancing" effect, leaving the skin neither oily or dry; just smooth and soft.

Use Calming Complex twice a day:

  1. In the morning I put the Minerelles Foundation in the palm of my hand and add Calming Complex... one pump, mix and apply to my face. I love the consistency and the great natural coverage I get from this combination.
  2. In the evening I put a small amount of C+E in the palm of my hand, mix it around some with my finger, add Calming Complex... one pump, mix and apply to my face. Again the consistency and ease of applying C+E with this combination is especially nice and of course the main benefit is the hydration of my skin.

MEN who have irritated skin from shaving, would benefit tremendously by using Calming Complex after shaving.

-Lorri Kreuscher


Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist talks about Enfuselle “Calming Complex”

Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, Facial Waxing, Eye Brow Treatments


I had recently asked for information from Shaklee about persons with Rosacea. I was immediately swamped with information about the Enfuselle products and how to go about using it with sensitive skin and skin with Rosacea. 


I am a Hair Stylist and Cosmetologist.  I have now implemented using the Purifying Toner and Calming Complex with my clients after a Facial waxing.  I have male and female clients who get their eyebrows, face, lips and chins waxed.  Furthermore, anytime this is done, the face usually has a redness that stays with them until they get home and a few hours afterwards.  Also, they experience  bumps, swelling, and sometimes a little tenderness and soreness.  


I had previously used a cooling gel from the shop that works at cooling the skin afterwards, but that's all it does.   So I tried the Purifying Toner and then the Calming Complex.  Are you ready for this:  It not only kept the face from flaming, bumping and swelling, but before the client even left the salon the redness was gone.  You would never have known they had a waxing done.


Most males definitely don't want anyone to know they are getting their brows cleaned up, and women don't want the world to know, they are getting their faces waxed.   Now, not a soul would even guess they'd had it done.  The Calming Complex took care of everything.  I now use the Calming Complex for all my clients, not just the Rosacea clients.


Just another positive product from Shaklee!!!!!!


Pass this on to all the Hair Stylists Cosmetologists that you know.  Have them read this email so that they can implement this into their routine and make a difference for their clients who trust them.

-Fran Bennett-Young


Enfuselle Calming Complex:

Probably one of the most undersold, magnificent products in Shaklee!!!! I've had notoriously dry skin all my life, but not any more, thanks to Shaklee's Calming Complex.  People much younger than me (I’m 71) want to know my secret.  I use Enfuselle -- C&E Repair and Calming Complex--what a wonder!!!!!!!

I've used it over the last several years on people with Eczema; jungle fungus from Korea where nothing else would agree with their skin; people with medication that was drying out their skin who had smeared every thing from a $75 a jar product and ended up using Enfuselle Calming Complex.

At a much younger age, the only good thing I can say about dry skin is I did not have the worries of Acne--but dry skin causes cells to flatten down and not accept moisture. WITH DRY SKIN & ALL, WRINKLING MUCH YOUNGER THAN THE REST OF THE POPULACE WITH MY DRY SKIN--I HAVE AGED MUCH, MUCH , MUCH MORE GRACEFULLY THAN MY WONDERFUL FRIENDS WITH "NORMAL SKIN" THANKS SHAKLEE FOR MY MOST FAVORITE PRODUCT OF ALL.



Enfuselle Calming Complex:

  • It's my personal favorite face and neck product! I use it religiously every single day on my face and neck.

  • Whenever I have my upper lip waxed to remove my 'menopausal mustache':-), I apply CC right over top of the so-called soothing cream (NOT!) the waxing technician puts on afterwards. I find that our Calming Complex works great each & every time to do what their creams don't - soothe the irritated skin from the mechanical act of pulling off the wax strips!

  • I keep a bottle in my purse at all times for 'just in case' something ever happens and a soothing cream is called for.
    Hope this helps! Peace.

-Mare, Southern Ontario, Canada


Enfuselle Calming Complex:

I have loved Calming Complex from its introduction!!!! I live in a very dry climate and have very dry skin, and this is one of the products that’s consistently kept my skin more moist. getting the small drop of C&E repair to cover the entire face and throat (remember to care for your throat as much as your face!!!!) was a challenge until I started putting it in my Calming Complex; now i can make sure all skin gets it's Repair and it's super moisturizer!!!!! Calming Complex's original name was Beauty Recovery Complex, and I think that was an excellent description.



Enfuselle Calming Complex: Eczema

Helps with eczema really well.          Sue Skerbe


Enfuselle Calming Complex: Rashes, Itchies, Burns

Oh my gosh, Calming Complex is an amazing product, for anyone who has skin!

Itchies, rashes, burns, dry wrinkley parts, it works for everybody. I have had great results with allergic itchies, and just kept applying Calming Complex until the itching stopped. With dry skin,or after the Enfutox has hardened, and before any moisturizer, Calming Complex goes on, and "sucks" the moisturizer right in to your skin. It is a wonderful gift, and with the pump, portion control is easy. So grateful.

-Kerry Steeg


Enfuselle Calming Complex Success, Rash

I tried calming complex on an itchy rash I've had on my neck and behind my ears. It took the itch away immediately! I'm hoping the rash (which could be eczema), will be gone in a few days (since I've only started using Calming Complex two days ago)!!!



Enfuselle Calming Complex: Eczema

Hi Phyllis, I just read on Team 21 about using it on eczema. I have tried it for the past two nights on my foot. Just the tiniest amount. I actually just slid my finger across the top of the bottle. Not only did the itching stop but it is healing. Also my sons are fair and always have shaving irritation. I bought some for each one. They say it works great.



Enfuselle Calming Complex: Rash

My Calming Complex stories:

1-My customer's husband had Hepatitis C and along with it a weeping rash on his ankles, legs, arms and hands that nothing had helped - include prescriptions from their physician. He started taking Nutriferon and using Calming Complex on the rash. Almost immediately the rash began to dry up and was soon completely healed. And the next time he had blood tests, his viral count had dropped dramatically.

2-My daughter had rosacea on her cheeks and bridge of her nose. She had a prescription ointment for bedtime, but no apparent improvement. I put Calming Complex on it and the redness and bumps began subsiding on the first day.

Please understand, I am not saying Calming Complex cured anything - but it certainly helped the annoying skin symptoms.

Sue Smith


Enfuselle Calming Complex:

I am a long distance runner. I use Calming Complex if I ever chafe after a long run...under the arms and such. My children also use it on their face in this winter time when they have been out in the cold and have gotten wind burn. It also helps with wrinkle reduction....you can see those results in the winter special catalogue.



The above is NOT a prescription, and should not be treated as such.  This is simply a testimony of an individual who had a positive experience with the product(s) listed.  These are personal testimonies and are not endorsed by Shaklee Corporation.

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